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Output formatting issue in a2ps

From: Jonathan Seidel
Subject: Output formatting issue in a2ps
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:15:49 +0000

Hi… Just started using a2ps (nice) and have a problem:

The output font switches between a fixed-width font to a proportional font every time there is a single quote in the output.

For example:

If cmp_target =~ {cmp_expected}/
  cmp_result = ‘Passed
  cmp_result = ‘Failed

(If email hoses the display, then the words “Passed” and “Failed” above are fixed-width while the rest is proportional font.)

This happens even if the single-quote is contained in a quoted string or in a regular _expression_ string, such as:

cmp_expected = expected_value.gsub(/["',@#%&=_\s]/, ‘')

Printing to an HP color printer with default options; installed through Homebrew on Mac OS X 10.11.2

                       Configuration status of a2ps 4.14




  medium          = A4, landscape

  page layout     = 2 x 1, rows first

  borders         = yes

  file alignment  = page

  interior margin = 0

Virtual pages:


  number lines         = no

  format               = 80 characters per line

  tabulation size      = 8

  non printable format = caret (i.e., `^C', `M-^C' etc.)



  header       = %a

  left footer  = #?l!%E!#?v|%E|%s./%s#|!

  footer       = #?l|#!s-$f-, -||

  right footer = #?l!%s./%s#!#?v|%s./%s#|%E|!

  left title   = #?2||$e $T|

  center title = #?1|$t1|$n|

  right title  = #?2|$t2|$Q|

  under lay    = 



  truncate lines = no

  interpret      = yes

  end of line    = any type

  encoding       = ISO-8859-1

  document title = #10!f|$n|, |

  prologue       = bw

  print anyway   = no

  delegating     = yes



  style sheet     = selected automatically

  highlight level = normal

  strip level     = 0



  destination     = sent to the default printer

  version control = numbered backups of files already numbered,

                            and simple of others

  backup suffix   = ~



  magic number              = %!PS-Adobe-3.0

  Printer Description (PPD) = selected automatically

  default PPD               = level1

  page label format         = #{pl.short}

  number of copies          = 1

  sides per sheet           = Simplex

  page device definitions   = 

  statusdict definitions    = 

  page prefeed              = no



  verbosity level     = 2

  file command        = /usr/bin/file

  library path        = 











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