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[Bug-apl] question on []host and few other things...

From: Harteg Wariyar
Subject: [Bug-apl] question on []host and few other things...
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 13:08:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hi.  I just downloaded gnu apl1.3, running it on os-x mavericks.  Took
a little bit of thinking and tinkering to get it up, but I have been waiting
to be able to run apl on the mac, so quite happy about that!

One question - I was looking to interface with my file system - I see that
" )host " is implemented, but is there a []host - like command as well?
I tried []sh, []cmd, []host, but none of them seem to work. 

e.g. If I want to get "ls" of my system into a matrix, and begin parsing it,
is there a way?

I am really happy to see a way to create apl code in vi (a little problem with the
layout in that the Esc key is mapped to something - I will need to look into that)
and load it via apl -f aplfile.apl.  But is there a way to load this when I am already in
apl via a [] system function ?  

Also, it looks like there is currently no support for native files []nread, []ntie functionality?

as for bugs, I have one at the moment:
When I launch mac terminal with apl font, my font is black.  Once I quit apl, with )off, my font 
is now gray.  And when I restart apl, it is still light gray unlike the first time I ran apl.  Not sure why.
Upon starting a new terminal session, it's fine again.

I do have suggestions for things I am looking for in apl that aren't typically there - if interested,
please let me know and I can organize my thoughts on this.
e.g. localize variables by default (no side effects), multi-function scripts, pass-by-value C-style structures.

Anyway, you are doing wonderful work!
Thanks again and looking forward to your response,

   - Harteg

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