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[Bug-apl] Questions about GNU APL

From: Blake McBride
Subject: [Bug-apl] Questions about GNU APL
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 23:51:30 -0500


I started programming in APL in 1980.  I programmed in it for about five years.  I have a lot of fond memories.  I hadn't been too interested in APL for a long time because it was controlled by vendors who could go out of business at a moments notice.  I couldn't base anything on it - until now!

I am currently running on Linux.  I installed GNU APL 1.3 without any problems.  Seems to work so far.  Very nice!

I happen to have an APL keyboard that also seems to work fine.

I have some questions that I would appreciate if you can answer as follows:

1.  Is there a mailing list for the public to interact regarding GNU APL?  (If not, it would be very nice!)

2.  I started out using component file.  I later moved on to keyed files (from TSR).  I never really used shared variables.  Does GNU APL have component and/or keyed files?  This is pretty critical.  If not, is one planned?

3.  I wrote the following in portable APL.  I think I still have the code.  Is there any interest in it?

A.  Multi-user keyed file system on top of a component file system.

B.  APL code editor

C.  Advanced formatter that includes things like commas in numbers, floating dollar signs, parens around negative numbers, fixed decimal places, etc.

D.  A large set of various functions that make building applications in APL much simpler.  Many are clean-room implementation of TSR's old libraries including user IO with error checking, calendar/Julian date routines, and many more.


Blake McBride

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