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Re: [Bug-apl] Bug in function editing

From: Kacper Gutowski
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] Bug in function editing
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 17:59:32 +0200
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On 2014-03-31 10:15:23, Blake McBride wrote:
> I still think there is a small bug, however.  Seeing the message 'problem
> 'Nabla.cc:444'  would make anyone think there was an internal problem.  APL 
> had
> a standard message when that type of event occurred.  GNU APL should display
> the standard error message when that type of user error occurred.  This type 
> of
> error can sometimes occur even by an experienced APL programmer (as I was).  
> If
> the system displayed a message that looked more like user error, it would 
> help.
>  You could just look at the error message that the other APL's display (since 
> I
> don't remember what the normal response was to that user error).

I agree, and most importantly I think Jürgen will also agree, that this
behaviour is not correct.

>From what I see in the source, )SI stack is checked and useful message
“function could not be edited, since it is used on the )SI stack.”
is initially written to the )MORE buffer but then it's lost when
Nabla::throw_edit_error() displays “DEFN ERROR” (without “+”) and
overwrites )MORE message with “Nabla.cc:444”.

The part where it prints “bad editor command” before “DEFN ERROR” seems
to be just a leftover after some debugging hack as it essentially will
give the line in source where error was encountered while parsing ∇-line.
For most of user errors, a caret showing location in input where error
occurred should be enough, and others (like this one) should be described
with )MORE.


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