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[Bug-apl] APL Package Manager

From: David B. Lamkins
Subject: [Bug-apl] APL Package Manager
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 17:48:31 -0700
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Here's news for those of you interested in the APL Package Manager:

Changes introduced by GNU APL svn r740+ broke the package manager due to my 
inadvertent use of some code that was not standard-compliant but still valid in 
GNU APL up through svn r739.

I've backported fixes from my development branch into the master branch and 
have also published a 0.3.1 release with the ammended code.

Now the master branch, the percy branch and the 0.3.1 release all work as 
designed with the current GNU APL svn version.

I do *not* provide support for the packaged GNU APL 1.5 release. Note that 
J├╝ergen recommends building GNU APL from the head of the svn tree; the packaged 
release is mainly for trial purposes.

If you're interested in tracking the current development version of the package 
manager, please run the percy branch from the git repo. The percy branch has a 
number of new features, but the main feature -- versioned dependencies -- is 
not yet available for use. See doc/CHANGES.md for additional details.

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