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[Bug-apl] debugging a cgi script

From: Alex Weiner
Subject: [Bug-apl] debugging a cgi script
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2016 21:27:20 -0400
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Hi Bug APL,
I am having difficulty pinning down this error that occurs when executing my script from a webserver (as a CGI script). The error does not occur when I mock up data to bypass values filled in by ⎕env, and run the script locally. I'm using apache, and the error logs are terribly opaque:
(removing personal info)
malformed header from script 'runflake': Bad header: DOMAIN ERROR

Would it be possible to have the function and line number included in this?
I'm also fairly new at CGI scripting, so if anyone can direct me to alternate debugging methods, that would work too.


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