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Re: compiling libapl for python3

From: vvs
Subject: Re: compiling libapl for python3
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2023 00:42:51 +0200

> i had upgraded gcc-6.3.0 to gcc-12.2.0 after my original compiling of svn
> 1553
> if i recompile svn 1553 with the current gcc-12.2.0 i get the same above
> error (but recompiling with gcc-6.3.0 gives a good lib_gnu_apl.so)
> if i recompile svn 1651 with gcc-6.3.0 i get a good python3 lib_gnu_apl.so
> what gcc version are you using ? and what python3.10 version?

In general you shouldn't freely mix different compilers and libraries
compiled by a different compiler versions. Even binaries linked
against different glibc versions might not be compatible.

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