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Re: fns creation using libapl (c code)

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: Re: fns creation using libapl (c code)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 20:18:41 +0100
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On 3/14/23 6:42 PM, enztec@gmx.com wrote:

your )copy is clearly broken in libapl  - it works properly in apl ws and apl 
scripting but is broken in libapl
Did you follow my advice to )COPY only )SAVEed workspaces and not )DUMPed ones?
I'm guessing you never tested that advice to begin with.
I'm guessing you never tested my code to begin with
I did and I figured that using the ∇-editor in )DUMPed scripts will not work in libapl. At least not in the way you are trying to use it (which apparently differs from how
the inventor of libapl expected it to be used).
I am not interested in changing my code to use the ⎕fx directly - i'm guessing 
you need to apply your new functions to the )copy code in libapl to fix it

I have done a working workaround and found this bug and want to make libapl 
work as it should

I explained what the workaround is doing pretty clearly in the post(s)- have 
you even looked at it?
My definition of "explained pretty clearly" seems to be different from yours.
the fns headers (∇f1 ∇f2) in the fns.enz after )copy fns.enz don't create the fns (like 
they would in apl ws and apl scripting after )copy fns.enz) but if 
apl_exec("∇f1");  is used in fns.c after the )copy fns.enz in fnc.c then the 
fns f1 and f2 are created
As I tried to explain earlier, using ∇ is not a good idea. If you do it nevertheless, then after opening the ∇-editor you have to apl_exex() the subsequent function lines including
the final ∇.

On Tue, 14 Mar 2023 13:21:21 +0100
Dr. Jürgen Sauermann <mail@xn--jrgen-sauermann-zvb.de> wrote:

On 3/13/23 10:50 PM, enztec@gmx.com wrote:

your code change didn't fix my problem and actually broke my workaround
I am sorry to hear that. I have no idea though what the purpose of your
workaround actually is. work around which problem? Your initial issue
was the lack of a way to define APL functions, which is fixed now.
please test agains my code okay ?
No. please test my code and let me know precisely why it does
not fix your problem.

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