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Re: [Bug-artanis] ENTRY not loading modules

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: [Bug-artanis] ENTRY not loading modules
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 02:17:44 +0800
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Julio Claudio Matus Ramirez writes:

> But when you're trying to import modules to add to use in the
> controller/view, there are like no hints...
> Or maybe I'm missing the explanation somewhere in the manual... if so
> please let me know and I'll give it another read.

I confess the document needs to be enhanced, however, my energy has to
be put in the programming, since we're using Artanis in a
product. Actually there're too many things undocumented, my team members
know how to use them by asking me directly. And each time I release a
verion, I have to spend time on describing new features.
We really need someone to elaborate the manual on many details. ;-)

> Yeah, I'm not saying that "simple mode" is not necessary. Just that
> there are like no examples about the "application mode", and that it'd
> be nice to have more of that. Since it "application mode" is what most
> people look for when thinking of a web framework, or at least what most
> people is used to when coming from another web frameworks I guess.

Yes, should be elaborated, and the wording and more proper chapters
should be considered.

> 3.
> About the html page in the gnu site.
> https://www.gnu.org/software/artanis/manual/manual.html
> I see the html doc here is still in the old version. Do you do this
> update manually/periodically?

If you want to read the latest but unofficially released manual, please checkout

I never mentioned it since it's unofficial and something may not stable.
I only update the page officially when I release a new version.

> 4.
> About my last MR.
> https://gitlab.com/NalaGinrut/artanis/merge_requests/93/diffs
> I was actually hoping you gave me a comment on:
>> Please also check line 1690 (starting on TODO) since I wasn't able to
>> fix that sentence that seems to contradict itself.

The oringal meaning is that the migration will do the predefined
operations (in Scheme code) on the tables. If there's no migration, then people 
have to
write SQL for that.

> (written in the description of the Merge Request)
> And I could fix that before the merge.
> But since it's already merged, maybe you'd like to check those lines out
> and correct them. JFYI.

Next time you may add comment on the line you have questions, so that
GitLab page will mention me and prevent me to merge it. Since there're so
many small changes in the MR, it's easy to miss it.

Best regards.

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