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[Bug-AUCTeX] "C-c ?" problem

From: Stefano Conti
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] "C-c ?" problem
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 12:20:35 +0000
User-agent: KMail/1.8.2

Dear AucTeX developers,

first and foremost let mthank you warmly for the much appreciated service 
you're paying to the TeX users community.  Since I started TeXing with AucTeX 
I've been unable to access the on-line documentation (via C-c ?): I would 
obtain the message

"Autoloading failed to define function Info-find-file"

A query on your bug mail archives on "C-c ?" revealed that the problem had 
been already acknowledged and patched:


However even when changing my tex.el file accordingly the problem persists.  
I'd really appreciate your insights; once more, thank you very much in 
advance, kind regards,

Dr Stefano Conti


Emacs  : GNU Emacs 21.4.2 (i386-mandrake-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll 
bars) of 2005-04-28 on n4.mandrakesoft.com, modified by Mandrake
Package: 11.83

current state:
 AUCTeX-date "2006-06-07"
 window-system 'x
 LaTeX-version "2e"
 TeX-style-path '("style" "auto" "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style" 
 TeX-auto-save t
 TeX-parse-self t
 TeX-master nil
 TeX-command-list '(("TeX" "%(PDF)%(tex) %S%(PDFout) \"%(mode)\\input %t\"" 
TeX-run-TeX nil (plain-tex-mode ams-tex-mode texinfo-mode) :help "Run plain 
                    ("LaTeX" "%l \"%(mode)\\input{%t}\"" TeX-run-TeX nil 
doctex-mode) :help "Run LaTeX")
                    ("Makeinfo" "makeinfo %t" TeX-run-compile nil 
(texinfo-mode) :help "Run 
Makeinfo with Info output")
                    ("Makeinfo HTML" "makeinfo --html %t" TeX-run-compile nil 
(texinfo-mode) :help "Run Makeinfo with HTML output")
                    ("AmSTeX" "%(PDF)amstex %S%(PDFout) \"%(mode)\\input %t\"" 
nil (ams-tex-mode) :help "Run AMSTeX")
                    ("ConTeXt" "texexec --once --texutil %(execopts)%t" 
TeX-run-TeX nil 
(context-mode) :help "Run ConTeXt once")
                    ("ConTeXt Full" "texexec %(execopts)%t" TeX-run-TeX nil 
(context-mode) :help "Run ConTeXt until completion")
                    ("BibTeX" "bibtex %s" TeX-run-BibTeX nil t :help "Run 
BibTeX") ("View" 
"%V" TeX-run-discard t t :help "Run Viewer")
                    ("Print" "%p" TeX-run-command t t :help "Print the file")
                    ("Queue" "%q" TeX-run-background nil t :help "View the 
queue" :visible TeX-queue-command)
                    ("File" "%(o?)dvips %d -o %f " TeX-run-command t t :help 
PostScript file")
                    ("Index" "makeindex %s" TeX-run-command nil t :help "Create 
index file")
                    ("Check" "lacheck %s" TeX-run-compile nil (latex-mode) 
:help "Check 
LaTeX file for correctness")
                    ("Spell" "(TeX-ispell-document \"\")" TeX-run-function nil 
t :help 
"Spell-check the document")
                    ("Clean" "TeX-clean" TeX-run-function nil t :help "Delete 
intermediate files")
                    ("Clean All" "(TeX-clean t)" TeX-run-function nil t :help 
generated intermediate and output files")
                    ("Other" "" TeX-run-command t t :help "Run an arbitrary 

Dr Stefano Conti
Centre for Health Economics
Alcuin 'A' Block
University of York
Phone # +44 (0)1904 32-1407
Fax     # +44 (0)1904 32-1402

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