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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 2006-12-29; "% foo \chapter bar" breaks TeX-fold-buffe

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 2006-12-29; "% foo \chapter bar" breaks TeX-fold-buffer
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:42:41 +0100

* Reiner Steib (2006-12-29) writes:

> Maybe checking for foldable stuff inside comment should not be done?

Tastes are different.  You can customize `TeX-fold-preserve-comments'
if you don't like that behavior.  (I still have to document this and
the new stuff.)  It's disabled by default because with the current
implementation it would be more resource-intensive, IIRC.

I'll have a look at the problem ...


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