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[Bug-AUCTeX] auctex/reftex documentation and file variables

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] auctex/reftex documentation and file variables
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 22:54:42 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: slrn/ (Debian)


This may or may not be a bug, but it was confusing for me. The
Auctex info files recommend setting TeX-master with the following:

     %%% Local Variables:
     %%% TeX-master: "master"
     %%% End:

   (This file documents AUCTeX version 11.83.)

Meanwhile, the Reftex documentation suggests:

          %%% Local Variables: ***
          %%% mode:latex ***
          %%% TeX-master: "thesis.tex"  ***
          %%% End: ***
(No version data in the info file, I'm using the version installed in
          Debian Lenny)

Neither of these work for me. After reading the emacs info on file
local variables I determined that it should be:

     % Local Variables:
     % TeX-master: "master"
     % End:

This could be unique to the way my emacs/auctex/reftex is setup, but
just in case I thought I'd let you know. Oh, and my emacs if version
21.4.1 with whatever modifications the Debian people make.



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