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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 11.84; TeX-next-error in PDFLaTeX brings up supp-pdf.te

From: Reinhard Kotucha
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 11.84; TeX-next-error in PDFLaTeX brings up supp-pdf.tex
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 03:54:06 +0200

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Drechsler <address@hidden> writes:

  > I am under the impression that the file "texmf.cnf" will be
  > invoked by many scripts. I do not know which scripts call upon
  > "texmf.cnf".

You have to edit texmf.cnf manually.  There is no script which
modifies this file.  texmf.cnf is used by almost every program which
is part of TeXLive.  Hence, be careful.

I do not recommend to edit this file at all.  It will be either
overwritten by TeXLive-2008 or, if you remove the word "original" from
the first line, you will miss any changes made in TL-2008.

What I recommend is:

   1. Find out whether you have a multiplatform version of TeXLive.
      If you installed TeXLive from the CD/DVD then it's
      multiplatform, if you installed it as an Ubuntu package it is
      most likely only for your platform.  Run

         which pdftex

      on the commandline.  Either pdftex is in bin or bin/<platform>.

   2. In a multiplatform environment, run

         kpsewhich --expand-var=\$SELFAUTOPARENT

      otherwise run

         kpsewhich --expand-var=\$SELFAUTODIR

   3. Create a file called texmf.cnf in the directory provided by
      kpsewhich.  Set only variables there which you want to change.
      In your case this file probably contains the line

         file_line_error_style = t

      only.  This file will be read first and a variable set there
      will not be overwritten by the texmf.cnf file in TeXLive's
      texmf/web2c directory.

      And this file will not be touched when you upgrade to TL-2008.


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