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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 11.84; previews and longlines-mode

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] 11.84; previews and longlines-mode
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 15:45:36 +0000

On 30 Nov 2007, at 12:30, David Kastrup wrote:

That's a problem of the TeX error messages no longer corresponding with
the buffer.  I think that's likely a fundamental problem of
longlines-mode.  Do things like "goto-line" and "what-line" work
according to buffer or file lines in longlines-mode?

I see. C-` won't work either, of course.

No, they work according to buffer lines. longlines actually inserts "soft newlines" as line breaks, which Emacs treats as buffer lines. These can be distinguished from "hard newlines" though. Upon loading / saving the buffer to a file, longlines will remove soft newlines again.

This leads to all sorts of problems, and I can see why the previews appear in the wrong places.

If you ignored soft newlines when counting lines, this would work, at least for headlines, which normally occur on their own (file) lines.

(The alternative to longlines-mode is display-time word wrap DTWW, which hasn't been completed. Kim Storm came up with a patch in 2005.)

Anyway, longlines-mode is a bad idea in conjunction with TeX since TeX
has a built-in line-length limit.

What is it?
I just made a line with around 160,000 characters, which is about 50 pages formatted. ( pdfeTeX 3.141592-1.21a-2.2, run-off-the-mill from darwinports.)

If I produce paragraphs longer than that, I've got bigger mental problems than favoring longlines-mode.

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