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[Bug-AUCTeX] Make distclean deletes saved copies

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] Make distclean deletes saved copies
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 20:45:01 +0100


I wanted to find out why another Mac user gets

style/polski.el tex-jp.el
Cannot open load file: lpath.el
make: *** [lisp] Error 255
Macintosh:auctex-11.84 ljs$

I have checked and lpath.el is in /Library/Application\
Support/emacs/auctex-ll.84. It contains

;;; This file is only used for installing AUCTeX.
;;; It is not a part of AUCTeX itself.

;; Make sure we get the right files.
(setq load-path (cons "." load-path)
     byte-compile-warnings nil
     TeX-lisp-directory "<none>"
     TeX-auto-global "<none>")

and saved therefore my old config.log and invoked then 'make distclean'. This works in GNU Emacs since decades, presumingly. But AUCTeX simply does:

rm -f tex.elc tex-buf.elc tex-style.elc latex.elc tex-info.elc texmathp.elc multi-prompt.elc tex-mik.elc font-latex.elc tex-font.elc context.elc context-en.elc context-nl.elc tex-fold.elc toolbar-x.elc tex-bar.elc bib-cite.elc tex-fptex.elc style/prosper.elc style/ slides.elc style/foils.elc style/amstex.elc style/article.elc style/ book.elc style/letter.elc style/report.elc style/amsart.elc style/ amsbook.elc style/epsf.elc style/psfig.elc style/latexinfo.elc style/ dutch.elc style/german.elc style/dk.elc style/j-article.elc style/j- book.elc style/j-report.elc style/jarticle.elc style/jbook.elc style/ jreport.elc style/dinbrief.elc style/virtex.elc style/plfonts.elc style/plhb.elc style/harvard.elc style/swedish.elc style/danish.elc style/slovak.elc style/czech.elc style/amsmath.elc style/amstext.elc style/amsbsy.elc style/amsopn.elc style/amsthm.elc style/natbib.elc style/index.elc style/makeidx.elc style/multind.elc style/ varioref.elc style/fancyref.elc style/mdwlist.elc style/ngerman.elc style/graphicx.elc style/graphics.elc style/verbatim.elc style/ scrbase.elc style/scrartcl.elc style/scrbook.elc style/scrreprt.elc style/scrlttr2.elc style/scrpage2.elc style/captcont.elc style/ subfigure.elc style/paralist.elc style/booktabs.elc style/emp.elc style/jura.elc style/alphanum.elc style/beamer.elc style/alltt.elc style/italian.elc style/doc.elc style/ltxdoc.elc style/ltx-base.elc style/units.elc style/nicefrac.elc style/url.elc style/listings.elc style/jurabib.elc style/csquotes.elc style/jsarticle.elc style/ jsbook.elc style/babel.elc style/dk-bib.elc style/inputenc.elc style/ frenchb.elc style/francais.elc style/MinionPro.elc style/pdfsync.elc style/polish.elc style/polski.elc tex-jp.elc Makefile tex-site.el tex- site.el.out auctex.el auto-loads.el config.*

which is not adequate.



Eternity is a terrible thought. I mean, where's it going to end?
                                - Tom Stoppard

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