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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] [A Mennucc] Bug#469816: auctex: (does not) print PDF wi

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] [A Mennucc] Bug#469816: auctex: (does not) print PDF with dvips
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 14:58:36 +0100
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Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:

> * David Kastrup (2008-03-07) writes:
>> Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I would just have piped it to lpr like in the dvips case.  In the long
>>> run we might think of something better.
>> It's only piped to lpr for the default printer, not for named printers.
> In the AUCTeX sources only the "Default" printer is defined (in
> `TeX-printer-list').  And then there is `TeX-print-command' which is
> used in case a printer in `TeX-command-list' does not specify its own
> printing command.  The default command in `TeX-print-command' advises
> dvips to print directly to a certain printer, i.e. it leaves the piping
> to dvips.  So I am not sure what named printers you mean.
> What we probably need is something like `TeX-output-view-style' for
> printing, i.e. a configuration variable where one can define a printing
> command based on the type of output file and certain document
> properties.
> Problem is that I don't particulary like `TeX-output-view-style' because
> of its complexity.  It's also quite inflexible in that one has to repeat
> a lot of stuff (most notably the viewer binaries) for the different
> properties.  And last but not least does not offer any kind of control
> which file to choose if several alternatives are available.
> So when I say we need "something like `TeX-output-view-style'" I mean
> "`TeX-output-view-style' done right".
> A cheap-assed alternative could be to define another expander for
> `TeX-print-command' and the "Default" printer in `TeX-printer-list', but
> using that will likely mean that nobody will actually be able to
> understand what's going on.  In addition it would be backwards to
> hardcode an expansion to be used in a variable.

How about holding a talk "Current state of AUCTeX, and wishlist for
version 12" at BachoTeX?  I think the deadlines are still open, it is
always a good idea to distribute talks across speakers (I had something
like 5 talks last year at BachoTeX, and had scheduled 4 talks at last
year's Chemnitzer Linuxtage and then got sick, which really royally
messed up the schedule for them), and BachoTeX is fun and inspirational,
anyway.  And time for birds-of-a-feather sessions in abundance.

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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