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[Bug-AUCTeX] Re: Usage of Auctex in conjunction with Noweb and Preview

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] Re: Usage of Auctex in conjunction with Noweb and Preview
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 20:45:33 +0100
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>>>>> On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 16:09:35 +0100, Pjotr Kourzanov <address@hidden> 
>>>>> wrote:

   > Dear users and developers of Auctex,
   >   First of all, thanks a lot for a great tool that gave me a lot of 
   > pleasant surprises!

   >   In short, I am trying to use the Preview feature with Emacs 22 in 
   > conjunction with Noweb (a literate programming system), and I don't
   > get any previews in the .nw file. I know the issue has surfaced
   > before in the context of statistical software, but the solutions
   > don't appear to work for me, so I'd like to ask for your advice on
   > these mailing lists.

Hm I have used noweb in the past, but usually I run noweave on nw  files
noweave nonlinfd.nw > nonlinfd.tex
and then I latex on that file.

   >   The setup is standard: I have test.nw with this the at the end:

   > %%% Local Variables:
   > %%% mode: latex
   > %%% TeX-master: "main"
   > %%% LaTeX-command: "nolatex"
   > %%% End:

What is nolatex?

   >    Noweb processes  test.nw  and generates test.nw.tex while
   >   the main.tex does an \include{test.nw}  (I have also tried
   >    with \input test.nw),   relying on LaTeX to automatically
   >   append .tex to arrive at test.nw.tex.

   >     In  this script,   I   essentially (1)   replace .nw.tex
   >   extensions by .nw  and (2) remove contextual noweb  markup
   >    from Preview  snippet  section in the  log, which usually
   >   precedes the preview chunk of TeX.

I think noweave should produce files with the extension .tex not
.nw.tex Hm I had to do 3 things:

 '(TeX-file-extensions (quote ("tex" "sty" "cls" "ltx" "texi" "texinfo"
 "dtx" "nw" "m")))

'(TeX-expand-list (quote
 ("%w" file "nw" t)
and finally 
 '(TeX-command-list (quote
("noweave" "noweave %w > %s.tex" TeX-run-command t t)

All via custom 

   > I do see the effect of (1) in Emacs - previews don't appear
   > in .nw.tex buffer anymore, and (2) behaves also as expects -
   > both .nw.tex and main.tex buffers show previews. But the .nw
   > buffer is still devoid of previews.

I still don't understand you that should work since you can't run latex
on that buffer. So there is something I fail to understand.

Uwe Brauer 

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