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[Bug-AUCTeX] How to disable or change colors for \bf or \it in LaTeX/AUC

From: Rod Ball
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] How to disable or change colors for \bf or \it in LaTeX/AUCTeX
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 12:22:56 +1200
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LaTeX is now putting in different colors for e.g. bold or italic text
environments. I want to disable or change these colors as they are invisible
in the colour scheme I use (slate grey background with yellow text).

There seems to be no option to change these and no .el file in the packages on
my system (Fedora core 14).

Note: Without AUCTeX installed verbatim environments in emacs latex mode were
being printed as a series of blocks.

; not working
(put 'tex-font-setup 'disabled t)
(setq font-latex-match-bold-command "")
(setq font-lock-mode nil)

Rod Ball

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