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bug#19271: 11.88; Colored Equation incorrect foreground color

From: David Kastrup
Subject: bug#19271: 11.88; Colored Equation incorrect foreground color
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 17:55:31 +0100
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Felix Grabowski <address@hidden> writes:

> When using LaTeX preview to show colored inline equations in
> combination with a colorscheme that has a non black text color, the
> foreground color of the equations reverts back to black after using
> any color commands.
> Example:
> \[
>   colorschemeForegroundColor = {\color{red}{redText}} \cdot thisIsNowBlack 
> \]
> or:
> \[
>   $ c = \color{red}{r} \cdot b $
> \]
> This bevior can be obersved with any colorscheme and the problem is
> especially bad when using dark colorschemes where the equations then
> become indistinguishable from the theme background.

preview-latex is not magic.  It attempts to support Emacs color schemes
by starting the PostScript/PDF rendering with Emacs' background and
foreground colors.  This is an inherent mismatch of the correct page
output (which is black o white by default) and the preview-latex output,
for the sake of getting somewhat reasonable results.

If you use color in the LaTeX document itself, all bets are off
regarding the interference of preview-latex's tentatively preset canvas
and drawing color with the coloring commands in the document.

David Kastrup

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