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bug#20488: acknowledged by developer (Re: bug#20488: Problems with Icela

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: bug#20488: acknowledged by developer (Re: bug#20488: Problems with Icelandic quotation marks)
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 10:42:51 +0200

Hi Joseph,

2015-05-04 13:56 GMT+02:00 Joseph Timothy Foley <address@hidden>:
> Thank you for that solution, though it has a minor error in it:
> You sent:
> (add-to-list 'TeX-quote-language-alist
>       '("icelandic" "\"'" "\"'" nil))
> When it should be:
> (add-to-list 'TeX-quote-language-alist
>       '("icelandic" "\"`" "\"'" nil))
> Note the right single quote.

That's what I wrote, see

> In the AUCTex distribution, it appears that this is supposed to be
> already set via icelandic.el. Am I confused about how TeX-quote-language
> vs TeX-quote-language-alist works?
> in elpa/auctex-11.88.3/style/icelandic.el
> (TeX-add-style-hook
>  "icelandic"
>  (lambda ()
>    (set-syntax-table LaTeX-icelandic-mode-syntax-table)
>    (unless (eq (car TeX-quote-language) 'override)
>      (setq TeX-quote-language '("icelandic" "\"`" "\"'" t)))
>    (setq LaTeX-babel-hyphen-language "icelandic")
>    ;; Fontification of quotation marks.
>    (when (fboundp 'font-latex-add-quotes)
>      (font-latex-add-quotes '("\"`" "\"'"))
>      (font-latex-add-quotes '("\"<" "\">" french)))
>    (run-hooks 'TeX-language-is-hook))
>  LaTeX-dialect)

The difference between what I wrote in my code and what is done in
icelandic.el is the last item of the list: it's t in the style file,
and nil in my code.  The fourth item of the list controls whether the
quote is inserted after the first or the second press of ", see


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