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bug#20755: Additional information

From: Дарио Ѓорѓевски
Subject: bug#20755: Additional information
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 15:44:24 +0200


Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I did some more testing, and the results 
are very odd. Contrary to what I said previously, M-x ispell-buffer does not 
work either under TeX-mode. There were no problems in *any* other modes I 
tested. For example,

open a TeX file -> TeX-mode (AUCTeX) gets loaded automatically -> M-x 
ispell-buffer causes aspell.exe to crash -> unfreeze Emacs using C-g and change 
to, say, text-mode by running M-x text-mode -> M-x ispell-buffer works fine
open a blank file -> M-x ispell-buffer works fine -> switch to TeX-mode by 
running M-x TeX-mode -> M-x ispell-buffer fails again
open the *Scratch* buffer -> M-x ispell-buffer works fine -> switch to TeX-mode 
-> same issue

The story is the same with flyspell-mode and other such commands; aspell.exe 
also crashes under TeX-mode.

My preferred encoding is set to UTF-8. Line endings seem to make no difference. 
Running M-x ispell-buffer on "unconventional" buffers, such as R console, 
dired, etc, works fine too.

There are no error messages in *Messages*, but Windows gives me the following: 
"An unhandled win32 exception occurred in aspell.exe [3608]."

The issue happens in empty buffers, too. `ispell-cmd-args' and 
`ispell-extra-args' are both nil.

Any ideas? I'm clueless.

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