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bug#24951: 11.89.7; TeX-command-extra-options takes only last option int

From: Ernst Reissner
Subject: bug#24951: 11.89.7; TeX-command-extra-options takes only last option into account.
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:38:54 +0100
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Hi Mosè,
I did what you asked for....
> Hi Ernst,
> please don't write privately to me but push the "Reply all" button in
> order to send your message also to the bug tracker.  Using the "Reply
> all" button is a good habit in mailing lists ;-)
> 2016-11-18 20:24 GMT+01:00 Ernst Reissner <address@hidden>:
>> Hi Mosè,
>>> 2016-11-16 5:44 GMT+01:00 Ernst Reissner <address@hidden>:
>>>> I set in my latex main file:
>>>> %%% TeX-command-extra-options: "-src-specials -recorder -shell-escape"
>>>> Nevertheless, when running the pdflatex compiler,
>>>> the only option I receive is -shell-escape, the last one.
>>> Does this happen only for one document or every documents?  I mean, in
>>> every documents do you always have "-shell-escape" in the command use
>>> to compile the document, irrespective of the value of
>>> `TeX-command-extra-options'?  In addition, what's the value of
>>> `LaTeX-command-style' option for you?
>> The command has option - shell-escape only if I specify this in
>> TeX-command-extra-options.
>> This is completely ok.
>> The problem is only, that if I specify more options, say in addition
>> -recorder,
>> then still *only* -shell-escape appears.
>> I now removed the line TeX-command-extra-option.
>> When I restart emacs and load the tex-file, then of course, it does not
>> ask again on whether I accept -shell-escape,
>> but still it run latex with shell escape:
>> Running `LaTeX' on `manualLatexMavenPlugin' with ``pdflatex
>> -file-line-error -shell-escape --synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode
>> "\input" manualLatexMavenPlugin.tex''
>> This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.15 (TeX Live 2014)
>> (preloaded format=pdflatex)
>>  \write18 enabled.
>> entering extended mode
> So, whatever the value of `TeX-command-extra-options' the command
> executed is always the same?
>> This is crazy, right?
> No, because if guess correctly, I suspect you customized
> `LaTeX-command-style'.  What's the value of this option?
I find:

Hide Latex Command Style:
INS DEL Regexp:
            Style: %(PDF)%(latex) %(file-line-error) %(extraopts)
    State : STANDARD.
   List of style options and LaTeX commands. Hide...

My main file ends with

%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-command-extra-options: "-src-specials -recorder -shell-escape"
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:

and now the log file shows:

Running `LaTeX' on `manualLatexMavenPlugin' with ``pdflatex 
-file-line-error -src-specials -recorder-shell-escape  --synctex=1
-interaction=nonstopmode "\input" manualLatexMavenPlugin.tex''
pdflatex: unrecognized option '-recorder-shell-escape'
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.15 (TeX Live 2014)
(preloaded format=pdflatex)
 restricted \write18 enabled.
 Source specials enabled.
entering extended mode

So the blank between -recorder and -shell-escape seems to be ignored.
How can this be?
And how to explain that the behavior changed???

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