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bug#28576: Solution: preview-latex vs todonotes package

From: Alexey Abrikosov
Subject: bug#28576: Solution: preview-latex vs todonotes package
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 15:57:34 +0300
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In my report of September 24 I have reported the following issue.

When trying to preview the emacs buffer, the preview images were
generated only for in-line items. Section headings and display equations
stayed with "no-way" sign.

However it was possible to preview each of them separately with the
help of either "preview at point" or of "preview environment" and
"regenerate" functions.

It turned out that in my case the reason was the conflict with the
\texttt{todonotes} package. The attached LaTeX and PDF files I present an example of the conflict.

I would be really glad, if my success in finding the truth was not in vain.

Yours Alex

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