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bug#20773: bug#27088: 11.90; preview-latex fails for file names of certa

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#20773: bug#27088: 11.90; preview-latex fails for file names of certain length
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 17:01:28 +0900

Hi all,

> According to the article above, MikTeX also understands
> max_print_line, so I think this fix is effective regardless of TeX
> distribution.

Sorry, this statement seems to be wrong.  I misread the description in
the article
.  After installing MikTeX 2.9 on my windows 10 home edition, in addtion
to TeXLive 2017, it turned out that MikTeX doesn't see the environment
variable max_print_line.
According to the above article, MikTeX needs either of the two:
(1) Add command line option --max-print-line=1000 to latex.
(2) Edit the config file and modify max_print_line parameter.

In addtion, if my installation of MikTeX is correct (I'm not 100% sure
that some interfere between MikTeX and TeXLive occurs), preview-latex
does not support MikTeX in the first place even when the extra line
breaks do not appear.  The (pdf)latex included in MikTeX outputs
messages like this:
circ.tex:49: Preview: Snippet 2 started
circ.tex:49: Preview: Snippet 2 ended.(651269+183455x14483456)
Because of the absence of a period at the end of these lines, the regexp
I mentioned before does not match and preview-latex ends up with a
message "error in process sentinel: LaTeX found no preview images".

Even when I modified the regexp to allow that the period at EOL is
optional, another error "error in process sentinel: Wrong type argument:
number-or-marker-p, nil", after Preview-PDF2DSC is killed, keeps
preview-latex from working.

I don't want to play with MikTeX further, so I'll leave the matters
concerned with MikTeX and preview-latex untouched.

Therefore, I'm afraid that the perspective
> And I also expect that the same prescription can be applied to solve
> reliably similar problem handled in `TeX-format-filter' at the part
> "Remove line breaks at columns 79 and 80" comment.  We can get rid of
> heuristic logic used there.
would not apply for non-preview-latex runs in AUCTeX.  The heuristic
logic is still necessary due to MikTeX.

Ikumi Keita

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