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bug#28811:; preview-at-point

From: Ken Sharp
Subject: bug#28811:; preview-at-point
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2017 16:14:28 +0000

At 20:45 04/11/2017 +0100, David Kastrup wrote:

> Also WRITESYSTEMDICT and other things.
> In any event, DELAYSAFER hasn't changed.

It's pretty pointless unless one can use .runandhide to temporarily be

Make *what* safe ? .runandhide wasn't (directly) an aspect of SAFER or DELAYSAFER, its perfectly possible to have, and write PostScript which is not compatible with SAFER (and which therefore needs to be run before SAFER) but which doesn't require ,runandhide.

I repeat: the order of the files to be rendered is not known when
Ghostscript is started: that depends on where the viewer is paging when
Ghostscript has free capacities.
  This "render stuff currently on screen
first" thing is pretty important for maintaining good interactivity.
.runandhide is used for rendering one file safely, then get Ghostscript
back into a state where it is possible to tell it via pipe to its
command line what to do next.

OK bear in mind I have yet to see a complete PostScript transcript. All I've seen is fragments, buried inside other code.

I have not said 'we're not putting it back', I've said 'let's discuss this'. If you can please explain why you can't refactor your PostScript to do away with .runandhide then we'll certainly consider this.

However, all I'm getting (and this may well be my faulty understanding from the limited code I've seen) is 'put it back, because we need it and we can't change'

Now I'm prepared to believe that, but I'd like to see why that's required, at the moment I don't see why it is. Maybe we can suggest alternatives that will be satisfactory.

So please; send me a simple example of the PostScript that gets sent to Ghostscript. If you can arrange for that to be annotated with comments explaining what the code does that would be great, if not then just the raw code.

I do need to understand why you need .runandhide; what its doing for you that you need to have, and can't achieve another way. I appreciate that its 'because you don't know what files are going to be run' which is fine, but rather high level as an explanation. What specifically is .runandhide doing for you that you can't achieve without it ?

Noote that we went through our own code examples removing the requirement from our code, so we are not entirely unfamiliar with techniques to deal with this.


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