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bug#31685: copyright assignment

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#31685: copyright assignment
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2018 22:53:20 +0900

Hi Tassilo, Mosè, Arash and David,

> First of all, Jean kindly provided a new .ini code which enables
> preamble cache with unusual file name for not only lualatex, but also
> platex and uplatex!

> If other problems aren't found, I'll commit this in several days.

Alhough I didn't think well before, now I think Jean's contribution of
.ini code related to this topic is big enough to need to get copyright
assignment.  Here is the diff in preview.el.in with respect to his

@@ -3315,10 +3331,13 @@
        (push format-cons preview-dumped-alist))
       ;; mylatex.ltx expects a file name to follow.  Bad. `.tex'
       ;; in the tools bundle is an empty file.
-      (write-region "\\ifx\\pdfoutput\\undefined\\else\
-\\edef\\next{{\\catcode`\\ 9 \\pdfoutput=\\the\\pdfoutput\\relax\
-\\the\\everyjob}}\\everyjob\\next\\catcode`\\ 10 
\\let\\dump\\PREVIEWdump\\dump}\\fi\\input mylatex.ltx \\relax\n" nil dump-file)
+      (write-region "\\let\\PREVIEWdump\\dump\\def\\dump{%
+\\the\\everyjob}}\\everyjob\\next\\catcode`\\ 10 %
+\\catcode`/ 0 %
+\\def\\AUCTEXINPUT##1{\\catcode`/ 12\\relax\\catcode`\\ 
+\\let\\dump\\PREVIEWdump\\dump}\\input mylatex.ltx \\relax%\n" nil dump-file)
       (TeX-save-document master)

I already asked him and he answered that he is fine with giving over his
copyright, so could you please provide him instructions of necessary

Best regards,
Ikumi Keita

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