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bug#33377: TeX-run-silent doesn't set TeX-command-buffer, which causes a

From: Florent Rougon
Subject: bug#33377: TeX-run-silent doesn't set TeX-command-buffer, which causes an error
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 13:04:58 +0100
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In my TeX-command-list, I have things like this:

  ("View with okular" "okular %s.pdf" TeX-run-silent nil nil)

This command works but displays an error message in the Emacs echo area
after okular has been started ("Wrong type argument: stringp, nil").
This is because TeX-run-silent does:

    (if TeX-after-start-process-function
        (funcall TeX-after-start-process-function process))

which, in my case, calls TeX-adjust-process-coding-system which runs:

    (let ((cs (coding-system-base (with-current-buffer TeX-command-buffer

However, in the context described here, TeX-command-buffer is nil at
this point, hence the aforementioned error that aborts
TeX-adjust-process-coding-system. With the attached patch,
TeX-adjust-process-coding-system completes normally.

Can someone have a look and apply the patch, or otherwise fix the
problem if there is a better way?

Thanks & regards

P.S. : all this with the current state of 'master', namely at commit
       06226ea5e95de16250c18ec3fd033f96237fa642 of the AUCTeX Git


Attachment: set-TeX-command-buffer-in-TeX-run-silent.patch
Description: Patch for TeX-run-silent

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