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bug#34593: 12.1.1; selecting xelatex from command menu does not reset dv

From: jfbu
Subject: bug#34593: 12.1.1; selecting xelatex from command menu does not reset dvips or dvipdfmx switches
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 10:36:29 +0200
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Le 02/04/2019 à 09:00, Ikumi Keita a écrit :
> Hi Jean, sorry for very late reply.
Hi Ikumi,

Thanks a lot, I am in the midst of some important deadlines
so can not report until a bit,



> I think that the attached patch will do the job.  However it just resets
> the "PDF from DVI" setting and doesn't restore it when you again change
> the engine to, say, "default".
> Is this what you wanted?  If so, I'll install this change.
> Regards,
> Ikumi Keita
>>>>>> jfbu <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>> Steps to reproduce.
>> Any latex document previously set-up to do latex+dvips+ps2pdf
>> (or dvipdfmx)
>> select XeTeX as TeX-engine from menu.
>> The dvips + ps2pdf (or dvipdfmx) option remains selected.
>> On C-cC-a  errors arise, because of course no dvi file is produced from 
>> xelatex run.
>> It takes a while until AUCTeX stops.
>> On the positive side, with
>> % Local variables:
>> % TeX-engine: xetex;
>> % End:
>> and C-cC-n 
>> the PDF from Dvi is reset and no problem arises.
>> Could it be added that selecting "Use XeTeX engine" from menu automatically 
>> resets the "PDF from Dvi" setting ?

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