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bug#35284: 12.1.1; new verbatim environment wrongly commented out

From: gojjoe
Subject: bug#35284: 12.1.1; new verbatim environment wrongly commented out
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:01:07 +0200
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Is this possibly connected with the small bug that I reported a while ago?

I enclose the text of my old report:


I've noticed a little bug when auto-fill operates on a line finishing with a 
"%". To reproduce:

1. Activate auto-fill-mode in a tex file with LaTeX mode.

2. Set fill-column to some value; here I use 20.

3. Suppose you have a line like this:

123456789% commented

4. Now you'd like to add some more text right before the "%", eg "-1234567890 

Note that "123456789-1234567890" is twenty characters long, so auto-fill should 
automatically insert a newline as we type the space after "0". Expected result:

abc% commented

Instead I get this:

% abccommented

That is, my text has been continued  *within* the comment, which wasn't my 

– Further info:

A. If the text before the comment is *already longer* than auto-fill-column 
when I type the space, and if auto-fill can carry some previous text to the new 
line, then everything works correctly. For example, If I have

123456789% commented

And now I type " 1234567890X abc" (note: space instead of "-") right before the 
"%", I get

1234567890X abc% commented

as desired.

B. The length of the text after "%" seems to be irrelevant for the issue.


On 19-04-16 14:47, Ikumi Keita wrote:
Thanks for your comments.  I agree that the current behavior is not
totally satisfactory, and expect the attatched patch would crudely
resolve this particular issue.  However, the relevant codes must be
involved in a lot, lot of different cases, so it might not be valid for
some other cases.  I'm not sure currently.

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