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bug#36483: 12.1.2; 'lacheck' and 'chktex' results not recongnized by com

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#36483: 12.1.2; 'lacheck' and 'chktex' results not recongnized by compilation mode when filename has spaces
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 15:13:58 +0900

Hi Gustavo,

>>>>> Gustavo Barros <address@hidden> writes:
> Well, the potential repercussions of the change are somewhat beyond my
> league. But I understand the proposed change is restrained to
> `TeX-command-buffer`, so no consequences are expected outside AUCTeX.

> However, I don’t have the means to judge if this might cause any side
> effects to other TeX-commands or if dealing with this in ad-hoc
> fashion is to be frowned upon or not (it looks good to me, but I’m no
> dev). So I trust your judgment on that. If you are fine with it, so am
> I.

> Of course, I’ve tested it, and it works. So I’m very happy with this
> result. Thank you very much.

OK, then I'll commit that fix later.

> Besides that, if I may.
> I’m not an English native speaker, but I do think "Make
> `compilation-mode' recognize file names with spaces." would sound
> better.

Argh.  I've been proving repeatedly to be bad at English, this one puts
another on top of the compilation of existing evidences! :-)

> And, if I am not mistaken, I believe there is a (closing) parenthesis
> too much in the patch.

Thanks, my check was insufficient.

Ikumi Keita

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