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bug#39479: Wrong behaviour of bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings

From: gojjoe2
Subject: bug#39479: Wrong behaviour of bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 13:27:26 +0100
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The bibtex-generate-autokey function uses 'bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings' 
to substitute special or accented characters or ligatures with ascii characters.

I noticed that it doesn't lead to the intended behaviour for '\oe' and '\OE', which 
get converted to 'oee' rather than 'oe'. On the other hand, '\o', '\"o', and 
their capitalized counterparts are correctly converted to 'oe' (and also '\ae' to 

This quirk seems to be fixed if '\o' and '\oe' are swapped in 
bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings. Then all variants are correctly converted.

So I propose to change the current bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings into

'(("\\\\aa" . "a")
  ("\\\\AA" . "A")
  ("\\\"a\\|\\\\\\\"a\\|\\\\ae" . "ae")
  ("\\\"A\\|\\\\\\\"A\\|\\\\AE" . "Ae")
  ("\\\\i" . "i")
  ("\\\\j" . "j")
  ("\\\\l" . "l")
  ("\\\\L" . "L")
  ("\\\"o\\|\\\\\\\"o\\|\\\\oe\\|\\\\o" . "oe")
  ("\\\"O\\|\\\\\\\"O\\|\\\\OE\\|\\\\O" . "Oe")
  ("\\\"s\\|\\\\\\\"s\\|\\\\3" . "ss")
  ("\\\"u\\|\\\\\\\"u" . "ue")
  ("\\\"U\\|\\\\\\\"U" . "Ue")
 . "")
  ("[`'\"{}#]" . "")
  ("\\\\-" . "")
  ("\\\\?[         \n]+\\|~" . " "))


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