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bug#42267: Fontification takes a long time when an equation contains a d

From: Najib Idrissi-Kaïtouni
Subject: bug#42267: Fontification takes a long time when an equation contains a double prime
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2020 14:31:35 +0200
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Dear Auctex developers,

Whenever an equation contains a "double prime" '', and if the equation is very far down in a long document, it appears that fontification takes a very long time. This is not very apparent for short documents, but I am currently editing a 6000 lines / 360k character long document. Any keystroke resulting in a change in the affected equation, or even just displaying that part of the buffer, makes Emacs grind to a halt (on my machine, it can take 10-15 seconds to process, during which Emacs is completely unresponsive, including not responding to C-g).

I would guess that Auctex thinks '' is the end of a quote and is looking for the (nonexistent) double backtick `` that would be the beginning of it. I tried to get a backtrace with gdb and it's not exactly clear which precise function is to blame, but it was always as part of the fontification. As a test, I filled a buffer with some lipsum and put an equation at the bottom. Without '' everything is fine, as soon as there is a '' in the equation things start to noticeably slow down.

I am currently using the latest version, 12.2.4, and Emacs 27.0.91. The behavior is fairly recent, although I couldn't say if it started with this release precisely, it may have started more than a week ago.

Najib Idrissi

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