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bug#44578: AW: AW: bug#45894: Bug report for preview-latex

From: Bruckmann, Tobias
Subject: bug#44578: AW: AW: bug#45894: Bug report for preview-latex
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 06:44:24 +0000

Dear David,

this is a good question. I didn't want to push but just point out the relevance of the issue, believing that you feel a personal appreciation (and/or certain responsibility) for a code you officially maintain.

If I had the expertise to fix the code on my own, I would not have spent the time to find and bother you, but better invest it to produce the solution and propose it to you.

If you ask for money - that could be a problem. I have no idea on the time needed to find the problem, to fix and to test it. Hiring a professional is probably beyond my budget as I am just an academics. As such, I am volunteering as well in multiple matters, trying to improve things - so I think when it comes to projects driven by enthusiastism, I share your engagement, but I don't think that a spirit of needing individual payments will lead to a better future for open source projects. If this was the way to go, I'd better buy a commercial text processor I can afford and stick with it.

But I am in the weaker position and already spent lots of time in a LaTeX-based thesis, so please let me know a price, and I have to see...

Thanks and best wishes,

Von: David Kastrup <dak@gnu.org>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2021 00:58
An: Bruckmann, Tobias
Cc: Ikumi Keita; 45894@debbugs.gnu.org; 44578@debbugs.gnu.org
Betreff: Re: AW: AW: bug#45894: Bug report for preview-latex

"Bruckmann, Tobias" <tobias.bruckmann@uni-due.de> writes:

> Hi Ikumi, David
> this is a bad situation. I am quite surprised I am the first (and only?) one
> to stumble across this:
> - Most scientific works use vector EPS graphics. psfrag is extremely popular
> in this field.
> - Most works are published in PDF
> - You can't get around hyperref
> The combination of pstool and pdfLaTeX seems to be the most promising
> approach to me to join these points in one toolchain. Living with an old
> version might work for some months, but this can't be the future.
> So there's no pathway and this toolchain is dead forever?
> Thanks for your appreciated comment,

So what are you willing to invest to avert the catastrophe?  In terms of
procuring code or paying for the time of those who do?

David Kastrup

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