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bug#48078: Verbatim environments with key-value arguments

From: Dario Gjorgjevski
Subject: bug#48078: Verbatim environments with key-value arguments
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 11:11:07 +0200


I am writing styles for the minted and listings libraries of tcolorbox,
which introduce the tcblisting verbatim environment.  Here is a small
example showing things:



listing only,%
title={Example shell session},
minted language=shell-session,%
minted options={},%
$ echo 'Hello, World!'
Hello, World!

% Local Variables:
% mode: latex
% TeX-command-extra-options: "-shell-escape"
% TeX-master: t
% End:
As you can see, tcblisting takes key-value arguments.  This breaks the
"mandatory arguments to verbatim environments" part of
`font-latex-syntactic-keywords', which is defined as:

    ;; After the optional argument, there may also be
    ;; another mandatory argument(s) (e.g. with VerbatimOut or
    ;; the minted envs or defined with `lstnewenvironment').

Since the key-value arguments _can_ contain braces (e.g., title={Example
shell session}), the regex does not match properly and messes up the

Feel free to add "tcblisting" to `LaTeX-verbtaim-environments' and check
out the example above: You will see that everything after title={Example
shell session} is fontified as verbatim.

I would be happy to try and improve the regex so that it handles
key-value arguments, but I first wanted to ask if this is indeed and the
best approach.

Best regards,

Dario Gjorgjevski <dario.gjorgjevski@gmail.com>
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