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bug#48365: 13.0.11; Dollars in distinct comments trigger math mode highl

From: JF
Subject: bug#48365: 13.0.11; Dollars in distinct comments trigger math mode highlighting in text in-between
Date: Wed, 12 May 2021 10:04:23 +0200
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Hi Tassilo

Le 12/05/2021 à 09:44, Tassilo Horn a écrit :
File B seems to have a problem
% -*- mode: latex; -*-
% a comment
A foo_bar^bar{$}
% a comment
B foo_bar^bar{$}
% a comment
C foo_bar^bar

In case of file B, which differs only by an added %$ at end of the
\newcommand line, the \newcommand for example is not highlighted and
the B line changes colors without applying script style, see
Yeah, it appears that if math mode goes out of hands, it may also have
effects on the fontification before.  That has been the case already
before the latest commits.

But if you just add a space before the \newcommand and delete it again
to trigger re-fontification, it becomes fontified correctly.

Yes, confirmed regarding \newcommand, however

- C-cC-n loses againt the fontification

- the B line still does not behave as expected, it should apply math styling,
but the subscripts are still on the baseline

   Not sure
why that is.  I'll have a look when I find some spare time...

No urgency here... I got the feeling my real-life files are ok so, from my
egotistical point of view the matter reached a satisfactory state for me,
the fate of the rest of the world does not interest me extraordinarily,
especially in those days where one has trashed with the approval
of the majority all basic principles
of defence and preservation of liberties, paving the road for very
grave evolutions awaiting us.


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