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bug#48524: 13.0.11; AUCTeX should not use LaTeX error message for non-La

From: jfbu
Subject: bug#48524: 13.0.11; AUCTeX should not use LaTeX error message for non-LaTeX modes
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 23:34:45 +0200
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Le 19/05/2021 à 18:16, jfbu a écrit :
I understand this is some work to extract from pdftex.web the
errors (perhaps someone in the last 30+ years or so has done so,
regarding the Knuth original messages, as pdftex adds some of its
own) and I am opening this bug ticket only for reference as for many

As auctex launches pdftex with -interaction=nonstopmode, the
additional help messages displayed by TeX/LaTeX end up in the log file.

So it is only a matter here to fetch the messages from the log,
rather than using the specific ones incorporated into tex-buf.el

This mechanism is already in place where tex-bug.el does not have
an entry matching the message:

    ERROR: Extra \or.

    --- TeX said ---
    l.37 \iftrue\expandafter\fi\or
--- HELP ---
    From the .log file...

    I'm ignoring this; it doesn't match any \if.

So, it should not be complicated.

The problem is to avoid in Plain TeX runs (or ConTeXt ? I am not familiar with 
it) to have the auctex generated error help go into LaTeX considerations which 
are not relevant to Plain TeX.


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