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bug#48524: 13.0.11; AUCTeX should not use LaTeX error message for non-La

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#48524: 13.0.11; AUCTeX should not use LaTeX error message for non-LaTeX modes
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 14:55:21 +0900

Hi Jean,

>>>>> jfbu <jfbu@free.fr> writes:
> Note : I applied the patch on my git clone, after
> having pulled to get the latest commits, HEAD was
> at 93d66d1a Adapt for Texinfo mode

> For some reason I had to delete from the patch
> the change to tex-jp.el

> $ git apply patchlatexerrors
> error: patch failed: tex-jp.el:538
> error: tex-jp.el: patch does not apply

> I suspect some encoding problem on my side (the buffer
> indicated a "1" in bottom left) from gunzip

Sorry, my bad. The patch had wrong encoding. I learned that typing "W s"
on magit diff hunk (magit-patch-save) uses emacs facility to save patch
so it saves in my default encoding, not utf-8.

> Sorry for late, I have now applied the patch and it seems
> to do exactly what I was expecting.

Thanks for confirmation. The proposed patch has a small incompatibility
with the current AUCTeX that the customize option
`TeX-error-description-list' can no longer have a fallback entry that
matches any error, but I expect that there are few users who customized
it. I included a news entry which warns the incompatibility in the
attached patch.

Does anyone have comments or opinions?

Ikumi Keita

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