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bug#49936: Error: /typecheck in --setfileposition--

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#49936: Error: /typecheck in --setfileposition--
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 12:53:10 +0900

>>>>> Ikumi Keita <ikumi@ikumi.que.jp> writes:
>> Preview-PDF2DSC finished at Sat Aug  7 17:50:58
>> Running `Preview-Ghostscript' with ``/Library/TeX/texbin/rungs
>> -dOutputFile\=\(_region_.prv/tmp411410vc/pr1-\%d.png\) -q -dDELAYSAFER
>> -dNOPAUSE -DNOPLATFONTS -dPrinted -dTextAlphaBits\=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits\=4
>> -sDEVICE\=png16m -r414x414''

> This form of invocation of pdf2dsc turned out to be bogus and was fixed
> a few years ago.

Sorry, not "pdf2dsc". I meant "rungs".

Ikumi Keita

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