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bug#44578: Investigating current preview problem

From: Hugo Raguet
Subject: bug#44578: Investigating current preview problem
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 11:18:21 +0200
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Dear David Kastrup

I have encountered a problem involving the latex package preview. If I understand well it 
is due to "a change in the latex shipout routine" in the last versions. I read 
the threads on the GNU bug reports 44578 and 45894 about the problem. It appears you are 
the current maintainer of preview, but unfortunately do not currently have the ressources 
to take care this problem.

I am unable to do it myself, but there were some mention of maybe paying for 
your expertise. Would you be willing to estimate a cost at which you could take 
proper care of the problem, or maybe point me to other people with enough 
knowledge to do it?


Hugo Raguet

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