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bug#51610: 13.0.14; PGF background interferes with preview background

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: bug#51610: 13.0.14; PGF background interferes with preview background
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2021 12:48:32 +0900

Hi Marten,

>>>>> Marten Lienen <marten.lienen@gmail.com> writes:
> The example latex document that I have pasted below contains a simple PGF
> figure (just an empty square background) that I generated with matplotlib.

I added \usepackage{amsmath} to cover equation* environment.

> If you set your emacs to a dark theme, you will see that the previews are
> dark-on-light if the preview includes the figure but light-on-dark if it is
> not included. So `preview-region` with the region just including the
> \section and first equation environment generates exactly the expected
> preview, but `preview-buffer` inverts the colors in *all* previews, i.e.
> the section header and equation are now dark on light background, which
> does not mesh well with a dark emacs theme.

Preview-latex generates all the required images from one pdf. It seems
that the pgf figure specifies the white background color, which forces
whole pdf to have white background. If this guess is correct, it would
be hard to have different background colors between the figure and

One workaround I can think of is to customize
`preview-pdf-color-adjust-method' to nil. It specifies default FG/BG
colors to black/white, so the generated images would look normal even if
the pgf figure forces white background.

Ikumi Keita

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