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bug#54339: 13.1.1; TeX-quote-after-quote not set correctly in language s

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: bug#54339: 13.1.1; TeX-quote-after-quote not set correctly in language styles
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:04:38 +0100
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Hi Frank,

Frank Fischer <frank-fischer@shadow-soft.de> writes:

> Language style files initialize the fourth argument of
> `TeX-quote-language` from a language specific variable. For instance
> consider the following lines (currently 45-48) from german.el
>    (q-after-q (if (and (boundp 'LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote)
>                        LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote)
>                   LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote
>                 t)))
> There is no way q-after-q can be set to nil by setting
> `LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote` to nil because of the if condition.
> The correct code is probably
>    (q-after-q (if (boundp 'LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote)
>                   LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote
>                 t)))

Thanks for the report.  I agree, the way q-after-q is currently
implemented it can never become nil.  OTOH, News in 11.81 has this

• The language-specific insertion of quotation marks was generalized.
  The variables LaTeX-german-open-quote, LaTeX-german-close-quote,
  LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote, LaTeX-italian-open-quote,
  LaTeX-italian-close-quote, and LaTeX-italian-quote-after-quote are now
  obsolete.  If you are not satisfied with the default settings, you
  should customize TeX-quote-language-alist instead.

AUCTeX 11.81 was released in September 2005, I think the transition
period (even in Emacs time calculation) is over and we can safely delete
them which would also fix the bug above.

> There might be similar issues in other language style files.

ngerman.el is another candidate.

Best, Arash

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