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bug#61568: Problems using reftex from Org mode's latex blocks

From: Alain . Cochard
Subject: bug#61568: Problems using reftex from Org mode's latex blocks
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 07:45:37 +0100


When Org mode is enabled, issuing [C-c '] (org-edit-special) within a
latex "export block" such as this one

   #+begin_export latex

one is put into a special buffer which is latex aware.  If reftex is
turned on in that buffer, 'Ref' is added to the modeline.  Now, upon
[C-c (], one gets

   RefTeX works only in buffers visiting a file

This is disappointing, but I could accept it.  However upon [C-c =] one

   Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

which is much more problematic.  Further, a prominent Org contributor
thinks it is a reftex bug and that "It is generally expected that
major modes do work in non-file buffers in Emacs." (thread

Hence this message.  


NB: I am not subscribed to bug-auctex@gnu.org

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