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bug#65912: 2023-08-31; Fix xref errors when matching in unvisited files

From: David Fussner
Subject: bug#65912: 2023-08-31; Fix xref errors when matching in unvisited files
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 13:46:15 +0100


As my initial report mentioned, I've been working on getting xref
commands to work in TeX buffers (see bug 53749), and while we've not
exactly reached a consensus on how this might best be done, I was
reminded by Dmitry Gutov that I really should check with the AUCTeX
developers about how you might like to go about using such
functionality, whenever it reaches its final form, in AUCTeX.
Currently, if you look at the latest patch in 53749 you'll see that
I've added a TeX-mode hook in tex-mode.el, with a note wondering
whether such a thing should be in AUCTeX instead. (The other
AUCTeX-specific stuff is just accounting for differences in the syntax
table between the in-tree modes and the AUCTeX modes.) If this is the
right place to ask such a question, I wondered whether you'd prefer
that such a hook be called somewhere in AUCTeX (or not at all), and /
or whether you might prefer it to be behind some sort of option so
that it wouldn't be turned on by default.

Personally, as an AUCTeX user myself, I don't find the current state
of xref commands in TeX buffers very useful, but opinions may differ
and I'd certainly be happy to remove the call from tex-mode.el should
you desire it.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question!


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