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Re: Problem with Autoconf-2.50

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Problem with Autoconf-2.50
Date: 31 May 2001 09:09:01 +0200
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>>>>> "Boyd" == Boyd Lynn Gerber <address@hidden> writes:

Boyd> To whom it may concern: Here is the testsuite.log file I was
Boyd> requested to send from my /usr/local/bin/make check.


Well, your report demonstrates fairly well a very bad problem we have:
the test suite does not seem to be fully deterministic.  We *really*
need your help on this issue.

For a start, I'd like to ask you to run these commands (in the tests/
directory of Autoconf).

./testsuite 123 >tests.log 2>&1
./testsuite -d 123 >tests-d.log 2>&1
./testsuite -x 123 >tests-x.log 2>&1
./testsuite -v 123 >tests-v.log 2>&1

And send us those four log files.


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