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autoconf 2.58 bug: AC_OUTPUT(symlink_to_dir/file)

From: Fergus Henderson
Subject: autoconf 2.58 bug: AC_OUTPUT(symlink_to_dir/file)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 19:39:18 +1100
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The attached configure.in autoconf script demonstrates a problem
in autoconf 2.58, where AC_OUTPUT fails if some directory component
of the path name given is a symbolic link to a directory.

This worked correctly in autoconf 2.57, but fails in autoconf 2.58,
with the following error messages:

        mkdir: "bar": Exists but is not a directory
        config.status: error: cannot create directory "bar"                     
To reproduce, save the attached configure.in, and then just run
"autoconf" and "sh configure".

Fergus Henderson <address@hidden>  |  "I have always known that the pursuit
The University of Melbourne         |  of excellence is a lethal habit"
WWW: <http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~fjh>  |     -- the last words of T. S. Garp.

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