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[GNU Autoconf 2.59] testsuite: 183 failed

From: Gustavo Bastos
Subject: [GNU Autoconf 2.59] testsuite: 183 failed
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 21:36:41 -0200
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I have recently installed Mandrake 10.1, but its installation (made with 2 
of the 3 CD set) lacks Glibc.

I was trying to install Glibc, but came up with 'no Autoconf' message.

So I was trying to install Autoconf in order to proceed with the Glibc 
installation and issued the 'make check' command at a Konsole shell as a 
non-root user.

It returned an error from the Libtool test. It says 'Failed  

My system is set to Brazilian locale definitions and it is working properly, 
(except for some games which I have never managed to run sucessfully) but I 
can't install most software I want (and need) without the Glibc.

This Mandrake version has some 'side-effect' from gpm running along with X, 
though, exactly like the one reported from Mandrakeclub and long ago (2 
weeks) solved.

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