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Re: echo "enhancement" leads to confused legacy script tools...

From: Henrik Nordstrom
Subject: Re: echo "enhancement" leads to confused legacy script tools...
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 21:09:50 +0100

mån 2006-03-20 klockan 10:44 -0800 skrev Paul Eggert:

> OK, thanks, I did that, and now my Squid3 snapshot builds just fine.
> I don't observe the symptoms that Linda reported in
> <http://www.squid-cache.org/mail-archive/squid-users/200603/0532.html>.
> And this is despite the fact that I put (shudder) "shopt -s xpg_echo"
> into my ~/.bashrc (which my BASH_ENV points at) so that "bash" and
> "sh" both now have the XSI behavior.

Except that .bashrc isn't used when bash run non-interactively, and
BASH_ENV is ignored when bash is called as sh which is the case in most
shell (not bash specific) scripts..

> So I still don't know how to reproduce the problem.

As far as I know the only reliable way to test this is to have bash
compiled with xpg_echo enabled by default.

All other methods I have found either overrides autoconf tests for
broken shells in ways making the test unsuitable for actually testing
autoconf or doesn't work for shell scripts (only interactive use).

Note: As far as I can tell the echo tests in the configure script
generated by autoconf-2.59 tests for quite many things but not \digit as
far as I can tell. I have not yet looked into the CVS version.


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