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OpenCatamount / Autoconf bug

From: Andrew Edwards
Subject: OpenCatamount / Autoconf bug
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 14:13:30 -0400

I've had some trouble building the OpenCatamount PXE image, and while
running the buildme script there were a few issues it said should be
reported to autoconf.

The issues with Autoconf  are several scripts that it checks then gives a
"configure: WARNING:" text about, saying present but cannot be compiled.
The ultimate issue I'm having with OpenCatamoun is that it can't find
stdlib.h in the glibc library. I double checked that I had the glibc-devel
installed, and it said it was completely up to date.

Anyway, I reran the script with the -xv debug command in hopes it may help
figure out the issue. I have attached copies of thee terminal. Thanks for
any help, and feel free to write if you have any questions on anything I

Andrew Edwards

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