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[sr #110212] Transform pkgdatadir using program-prefix and -suffix

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: [sr #110212] Transform pkgdatadir using program-prefix and -suffix
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 16:29:30 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #4, sr #110212 (project autoconf):

Here's a workaround:

0 Edit _configure.ac_: In the _AC_INIT()_ call, change the first argument to
the name you want to use for the subdirectory
0 Run _autoconf_ (perhaps indirectly, if the package provides an _autogen.sh_
script or the like)
0 Run _configure_ with _--program-prefix_, _--program-suffix_, and/or
_--program-transform-name_, as desired
0 Once the build is finished, do a test install into a scratch location using
_DESTDIR=/where/ever_, and look it over to make sure all the pathnames that
needed to be changed, were in fact changed.

For my particular case (installing gpg1 in parallel with my distro's gpg2), I
appended "1" in both places:
  1. Made this change to _configure.ac_:
        -AC_INIT([gnupg],[mym4_full_version], [https://bugs.gnupg.org])
        +AC_INIT([gnupg1],[mym4_full_version], [https://bugs.gnupg.org])

  2. Called _configure --program-suffix=1_

My choice of a "1" suffix was informed by:
* the python convention, where the suffix is just the major version --
_python2_ vs _python3_
* a desire for consistency with the name of gpg's _gnupg1.info_ file (which is
hard-coded as such in Makefile.am; AFAICT, autoconf, configure, and make just
pass it through unmodified)

Note that this workaround caused some libexec files to be double-transformed,
                         ^             ^
It probably also stuck that "1" in in various bits of documentation, etc.

But I was willing to live with those wrinkles.


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