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Re: dvi, pdf rules: incorrect invocation of texi2dvi, texi2pdf

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: dvi, pdf rules: incorrect invocation of texi2dvi, texi2pdf
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 18:45:24 -0500

      env TEXINPUTS=../build-aux::/...

Certainly that is wrong.  Thanks for the patch.

    For automake, the workaround is simple: Add a -I option always, for example
    '-I .'. The texi2dvi bug occurs only if no -I options are passed.

1) It seems to me that -I . could have undesired effects.  The run
   doesn't necessarily want . first.  -I /uglyworkarounddir would be
   safer, seems to me.

2) Do we really want to enshrine a workaround forever in automake
   against one particular version of texi2dvi?  Seems ugly.

Ralf, you asked how long -I has been around.  Looking at the news file,
it seems the answer is, texinfo 4.0, released in September 1999.
Its implementation, like texi2dvi itself, has grown more and more
complex over the years, but the option has always been there.

And, you asked whether -I is the "official" way to do it now.  No.
Nothing has changed in this regard.  TEXINPUTS has always been supported
in TeX and always will be.  Anything that could supposedly substitute
for texi2dvi/texi2pdf (I am not aware of anything) would have to
understand both TEXINPUTS and -I or it would be unusable.

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